Work Related Injuries Law

Work Related Injuries Lawyer
We all want to earn a decent income to support our loved ones which is why we never fail to go to work day after day. However, when our health and safety are severely compromised in our workplace, we might feel that our world has been turned upside down. Here at Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C., we know the physical, emotional, and financial strain work related injuries can cause. That is why our personal injury lawyers go the extra mile to help people get a favorable settlement so they can focus on recovering.
Some Types of Work Related Injuries People Suffer From
Although most companies and employers go out of their way to make sure that their work environment is safe for their employees and workers, injuries and illnesses are inevitable. Here are the most common ones:

  • Accidents that result from inadequate machine guards as well as unsafe workplace conditions and practices.
  • Illnesses caused by biological hazards such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites that threaten one's health
  • Illnesses caused by chemical hazards that result in acute or long-term damaging health effects.
  • Ergonomic injuries resulting from inefficient and unsafe work stations
  • Physical illnesses caused by noise, weather, radiation, pressure, vibration, energy, heat, cold, and electricity
  • Mental health and well-being illnesses resulting from stress, overworking, bullying, and violence.

Some Steps Employers Can Undertake to Prevent Work Related Accidents
No employer or company would want their employees and workers to suffer from injuries while doing their duties. Work related accidents can be minimized if not prevented when workplace safety is made a top priority.

  • Workers should be educated about safety measures
  • Safety rules should be followed
  • Jobs should be assigned to qualified workers
  • Proper training should be provided when new duties are ordered
  • Safety awareness should be enforced by way visual representations in work areas
  • Protective equipment should be made readily available
  • Effectiveness of the safety measures implemented should be regularly monitored
  • Accidents and work practices should be properly reviewed
  • Workers, teams, or shifts who are good role models should be rewarded

If you or a loved one met an accident or suffered an injury at work, consult with the personal injury lawyer from Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C.. We are experienced in assessing and reviewing work related injury cases and will make sure that you get the settlement that you deserve. If you live in the neighborhoods of New York City, we can help.