Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful Death Lawyer
We all know that death is inevitable and the loss of life of a loved one is a sad moment for the surviving family members. However, when a person's life is taken wrongfully, the emotional trauma it causes can be devastating, not to mention its financial impact if the decedent is the breadwinner. Here at the Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C., we understand how difficult it is to deal with the death of a loved one, much more if it is not an act of nature. This is why our defense lawyers go the distance to help people reach a favorable settlement with their wrongful death lawsuits.
Types of Death
Death is defined simply as the end of life. It is divided into four categories namely:

  • 1. Natural death - when the body stops functioning on its own accord because of natural causes
  • 2. Homicide - when a person's life is taken by another human being by means of a purposely planned murder
  • 3. 3. Accidental death - as the name implies, this type of death happens by means other than natural death, homicide, or suicide. Some types of accidental deaths include:
    • Vehicular accidents
    • Falls
    • Poisoning
    • Drowning
    • Fire-related
    • Suffocation
    • Firearms related
    • Industrial deaths
    • Medical malpractice
    • Air transport related
    • Others
  • 4. Suicide - this is the deliberate taking of one's own life which may be caused by extreme emotional distress or depression.
Who Can Sue for Wrongful Deaths?
Filing for a wrongful death claim may seem difficult but not with the help of the lawyers at Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C.. If you are among any of the following parties, let our lawyers help you make the process less burdensome.

  • Immediate family members that include spouses, biological and adopted children, and parents of unmarried children
  • Life partners and putative spouses
  • Distant family members
  • Financial dependents
  • Parents of a deceased fetus (differs from state to state)

The attorneys at Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C. are experienced in assessing wrongful death cases. In general, if your loved one's death is caused by another person's negligence or planned action and the survival of your family members are at stake, you have valid elements of a wrongful death case. Do not let the abrupt loss of income and funeral expenses take their toll on you. Our personal injury lawyers will go the distance to help you fight for justice so your family can move on with less stress. If you live in the neighborhoods of New York City, we can help.